Redefine your kitchen and cooking experience

Having an integrated kitchen is desirable. We build fully-integrated kitchens where all kitchen appliances appear to be cabinetry or designed to fit flush with the cabinetry. We highly consider the appliances space to be in line with the rest of the cabinetry to give off this slicked look for your kitchen space. We are an agent for the most popular home appliances Bosch, Gorenje and Elba to ensure high-end fully integrated kitchens.

Built-in ovens

We integrate built-in ovens and microwave into wall cabinet units at your eye level. Ovens are installed either built-in or built-under your kitchen worktop.

Hob and gas stove

Hobs are integrated into the kitchen worktop, we integrate both hobs and gas stove. These hobs are supported by hood ventilation systems to keep the kitchen free from oil and food smells to always make your kitchen super easy to clean. We either integrate built-in, wall mount, island, under cabinet and suspended hood designed according to your needs.

Built-in and free-standing cooker

Our designs have a sleek approach, so everything tends to be in line with all the cabinets. Built-in electric or gas cookers are supported by a hob or a gas stove all in one kitchen unit to save space. We professionally integrate the appliances according to their measurements while manufacturing to 100% fit the kitchen cabinets smoothly.

Built-in ovens

From a safety concern, our kitchen cabinets are durable enough and designed to bear high temperatures the oven can reach. Our kitchen cabinets are heat resistant and do as well the materials.