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Kitchens for your heart's delight!


We aim to enhance your experience of your new kitchen. A kitchen you can live in for hours everyday, it brings the family members and friends together. Globally, kitchens have evolved into a fundamental venue of interactions for family members and cooking companions. Creating a practical and functional kitchen yet in style and unique to satisfy your needs and taste. Woodpecker provide you exceptional high-end kitchens tailored to what you need designed to ease kitchen tasks from cooking, laundry, dishwashing to house cleaning.


Timeless design concept. Vintage kitchens were the most popular in the past decades. The beauty of the past combined with the practicality of today. This design concept evokes a cozy and pleasant environment.


Embraces minimalist elegant elements. They create a sense of relaxation, comfort and functionality. They are completely on trend, consumers seek for a sleek and seamless look yet spacious, hassle-free and easy to clean spaces. It should be high on function and simplicity yet in style.


Warm and inviting. It is a mix of both modern design with a vintage style to make you feel cozy and homey yet elegant. It features the oven hood, classic vintage inspired cabinets that gives you the feel of a farmhouse.


Artistic kitchen design. They create a smooth, gentle feel, it doesn’t feature sharp edges in the kitchen. A round island unit is a unique centerpiece in your kitchen space that allows flexibility in the number of seating. It comes in both high-gloss and super-matte finishes.

Interior Organization

We craft smart kitchen interior and storage solutions that give off a neat and efficient kitchen with no room for mess. It should bring ease in finding everyday cooking utensils. All details are customized reflecting your organizational methods to enjoy your experience in your kitchen everyday.


It’s all about the balance between practicality and style. It adds a character to your kitchen. It should deal with your everyday cooking experience and still look tailored to your taste.


Kitchens with mixed materials enhance versatility. Woodpecker has a wide range of materials from colors, textures, styles in which we mix materials tailored to your individual taste. Durable cabinets are made with high-quality materials from cabinet doors, shelves and drawers.