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Your room of joy.. a closet you wake up to

Innovative wardrobes systems

Wardrobes are in demand. The wardrobe has been much appreciated from both women and men, dressing up strengthens the sense of self esteem. People are always short in space even if they have a large dressing room, we take this into consideration and build an efficient dressing living space with smart interior, lighting and storage solutions. Wardrobes from Woodpecker are reliable, we offer a wide range of durable, creative and stylish designs, materials and finishes.


Wide range of durable fitted and freestanding closets. We provide interior and storage solutions, we compartmentalize the closet for you according to your needs and preferences. Designed to be a sliding closet, built-in, freestanding or bifold closet come in a wide range of materials, colors and textures.


It allows one person to step-in and have access to clothing. It is designed to have enough space for storage by building a combination of shelves, drawers, hanging space, and customized inserts according to your preference.


Ultimate and spacious walk-in closets range from Woodpecker. Our designs feature practical, stylish and spacious walk-in closets with extensive interior organization and storage solutions.


Innovative and durable materials are used to ensure a long-lasting product. We aim to enhance your bedroom style. Woodpecker offers a variety of wardrobe materials, styles and finishes.