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Discounted high-end kitchens and furniture

A range of discounted high-end kitchens and furniture up to 70% to suit everyone. We can help you purchase the kitchen of your dreams at your own budget highly in quality and Woodpecker’s durability of products.

Roman C Vintage

Was 260,580 EGP Now 65,145 EGP

Dimensions: 2.99m x 3.34m & Island: 1.20m x 1.55m
Material: Profiled Yellow Lacquer Solid Oak – Premium Cut


Was 82,360 EGP Now 24,708 EGP

Dimensions: 3.35m x 2.55m
Material: Super-matte lacquer oak, profiled white lacquer fronts

Wave - 53% off

Was 212,720 EGP Now 100,191 EGP 

Dimensions: 4.65m(w) x 3m(d). Island: 2.10m(w) x 1.10m(d)
Material: Graphite super-matte lacquer, pure high-gloss lacquer and black tempered glass


Was 44,218 EGP Now 13,265 EGP

Dimensions: 2.60m width x 2m height x 0.50m depth
Material: Laminate kitchen veneer