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luxurious closet solutions

Timelessly elegant designs. Fitted and freestanding closets provide storage solutions yet elegant in style. Woodpecker offers various interior and door systems in the style, colors, textures and design you desire. Everything should be visible and accessible for you to enjoy your dressing experience. 

Bifold closets are multifunctional. It is designed to be functional yet takes minimal space of your bedroom. We can build the closet to include up to three or four sections from bifold doors and closed doors customizable from inside from shelves, drawers, drawer organizer and hanging space.
Sliding closets are simple to operate. They have a good storage solution saving up space in your bedroom as they are built-in. We customize sliding closets from real wood and wood laminate veneer, super-matte and high-gloss lacquer.
With a glass fronted closet integrated with strip LEDs, you have everything viewable. It elevates your bedroom’s style, creates a sense of space and super easy to clean. It is designed to be durable, long-lasting and stable. Glass closets come in either fully transparent, frosted glass, black tempered glass or mirrored in any style you desire from classic closets to L-shape closets.