Country Design Concept

A kitchen for life

A kitchen you can live in for hours. Much more than just a cooking place, Woodpecker offers a completely new perspective with exquisite yet functional country kitchen design, uniquely tailored to satisfy your taste with an extra charm.

The Moonstone

This Moonstone kitchen has a flexible space for cooking, dining, pantry closets, storage space and a built-in laundry room. It can feel clean and minimal, retro and elegantly traditional.
This exquisite country design cabinets are provided with an integrated touch lighting system, making your place calm and welcoming.

The Moonstone covers your need for an all-in-one-place pantry closet and a spacious built-in laundry room.


This country style kitchen from Woodpecker makes you feel like a farmhouse. It is filled with warmth and comfort from their vintage look hood to the painted cabinets and pantry closet.


This country style kitchen with the spotlights inside the wall cabinets create a cozy feeling in your home. The quality of our kitchens design layouts enable you to create combinations to your own taste and needs.
The kitchen architecture, style and materials in perfect harmony.
Adding a sweet flavor to this kitchen design with the profiled fronts that blend perfectly with its modern installations. This kitchen is available in different colors and finishes that could be adapted according to your taste and needs, delivering endless possibilities.


White kitchens are truly timeless. A monochromatic kitchen that looks clean and neat. It has combined super-matte lacquer cabinets hand painted with a standout Quartz island that provides a pleasing harmony.
Glass cabinet doors make the statement. The kitchen has enough smart storage spaces and a built-in laundry room.