Durability and style take priority

Elevate your living space. Material finish depends on your preference in what you need to have a sustainable wardrobe that lasts for many years. Woodpecker offers different kinds of wardrobe material finish that are highly sustainable and most durable.

Real wood

Nothing beats the natural wood look in a wardrobe. We offer both solid wood and real wood veneer. Veneers are made of natural wood material, it is polished like an exact solid wood. Solid wood is unbeatable gives off warmth to your bedroom style.


It is the most common wardrobe material finish. It comes in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns from wood veneer and linen and this is according to your personal preference. They are durable, easy to clean and easily maintained.


A wide range of colors come in super-matte to semi-gloss to high-gloss wardrobe finish. The colors we use are customized to us and we paint your wardrobe according to your taste and preference. We ensure delivering durable, sustainable and outstanding material finish for chic and elegant wardrobes.


Minimal wardrobe design is a lovely choice. Glass material is a good choice for your closet shutters. You have everything neat, organized and viewable to you all day for easy access. We craft glass closet shutters in both; fully transparent, black tempered and frosted glass. Glass has a good match with laminate, real wood and lacquer if you want a wardrobe to include more than one material finish. Your living space gets unique and classy having glass shutters in your wardrobe design.