Round Design Concept

Upholding Craftsmanship

An inspiration for a contemporary modern look. Its dynamic soft curves integrate smoothly in the house creating a sleek kitchen design without compromising on the functionality.


Easy-access full round carousel excellent in space management and placing diverse items in a well-managed way. The remote electric flap fitting creates new storage areas to free up countertop space and create a more tranquil atmosphere.


Such haute-couture curved fronts implemented with the countertop integrating smoothly with the house and evoking a feeling of sea fluidity. The full round carousel tower caters to your storing diverse needs and brings space to previously cluttered kitchen areas in a brilliant way.

Monaco 2.0

Round kitchen consumes less space. They create a softer feel to your kitchen with no sharp edges. You customize round units in any color from super-matte to high-gloss lacquer finish. It provides you big storage space especially huge items, placing many round items optimizes the space.