walk-in closets collection

Designed to impress

Woodpecker invites you to indulge you into a luxurious glamour with our fashionable walk-in closets adding a flair of elegance with smart interior and storage solutions to make your dressing experience joyful, easy and accessible. Create your dream walk-in closet scheme.


Eye catching space. Add a flair of elegance to your home with Woodpecker’s luxurious Chantelle walk-in closet. We guarantee a perfectly organized dressing area with smart interior solutions (rotating shoe rack, shirt holder, accessories oragnizer and built-in ironing board). It is made in linen textile finish that suggests a certain smoothness.


This walk-in closet design reflects an elegant coziness in your dressing area with the integrated lighting system that adds a touch of warmth. It is made in solid wood combined with glass to give more light and increase the sense of openness in the space.


Ultra-stylish Italian dressing room. It is Italian system made, it is one of the most functional walk-in closets with perfect storage space. Its high quality shelving, drawers and interior solutions create a custom-designed space that is a joy to use everyday.
Tailor-made dressing living space. Aesthetic designs are customized to fit your individuality from shelving, drawers, hanging space, dressing island, interior solutions, storage and lighting systems to materials and finishes.


Dressing up should make you happy and we customize everything inside according to your personal preference. We craft smart interior organization solutions to make your dressing living space spacious and clutter-free. Everything related to clothing should have an accounted spot from clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories, we custom-made compartments for sorting out women and men accessories. Integrated with a great lighting system to round out your clothing.